Institute for Complex Systems - Montelibretti - CNR

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ISC Montelibretti

Welcome to the ISC-Montelibretti Unit


The unit ISC in Montelibretti is devoted to the study of fundamental properties of organic and inorganic complex materials and their applications, the application of complexity to the development of novel operating principle of electromagnetic and optical devices, as well as to the study of complexity from a philosophical viewpoint.


i) Growth of oxide and nitrite-based materials by different methods, namely: pulsed laser deposition, radio frequency sputtering and thermal evaporation. Structural, vibrational, optical and magnetical charcterizations of the samples for applications in sensor devices based on surface and bulk acoustic waves (piezoelectricity), superconductivity and ferromagnetism.

ii) Theoretical and experimental investigation of nonlinear wave propagation in nonlocal anisotropic media and liquid crystals, spatial solitons and modulational instability in THz waves propagation and their nonlinear interaction with the matter.

iii) The investigation of Integrated Photonic Devices operating on mechanisms governed by complex nonlinear chaotic dynamics.

iv) Self-consistent calculation of radiation-matter interaction and polariton states in metamaterials and in their super-structures as: microcavities, resonant photonic crystals and quasi-crystals. Exciton-exciton interaction and nonlinear-optics in microcavities.

v) Study of the degradation processes of cellulose and their effect on the optical properties of paper, and detection of the relevant variables involved in the aging of ancient paper. Study of structural properties of  biopolymers of  biomedical interest and optical properties of nanoparticles.

vi) Study of the philosophical aspects of complexity. In particular, complexity and the reductionism-holism debate  in biology, and the epistemology of complexity in relation to theory of knowledge and its organization.